Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Terms and Conditions of use of the e-ID?

The Terms and Conditions of use of the e-ID and ID Card for Maltese Nationals can be read from here.

What is and how do I use it? is a web portal where Citizens and Businesses are able to access all of the Government's services available on the Internet in a secure and integrated way. The Portal is a central interface for all e-Government services and uses a process that allows Citizens to log in once and access all these services without having to log in for every different one.

The e-ID offers you a simple method of identification and authentication to access services from a computer at their home, office or Local Council. The e-ID is free of charge, is available to all ID Card holders, and does not expire.

Click here for instructions on how to register and activate your e-ID.  [back]

How can I use's Help? presents you with a comprehensive context sensitive help system. Whenever required, a HELP link is made available within the menu bar (black bar), along with an FAQs link (this link). When clicking on the HELP link, a new window will be loaded showing all the possible actions you may carry out through the current screen. For each possible action, a link to an animation showing all the steps required and their corresponding textual descriptions is provided. [back]

What is the significance of the icons used throughout the portal?

Most pages start with introductory text presented by the e-Government Assistant. Throughout other parts of the portal icons are used to represent key sections of the site. The following is a brief guide of what the icons stand for:


This icon represents selections of help text which are specific to a certain section of (e.g. how to use the My e-Government services section). When you do this additional text will appear on the screen. When you are finished reading it, you may click on the icon again to hide this help text.
This icon represents key help text for a particular webpage. This is not an active icon and nothing happens if you click it.
This icon represents a point of information about the portal itself (e.g. a site map, privacy statement).
This part of the portal will guide you to contacting us when you need to. [back]



What about my privacy?

Strict separation of duties in the registration and verification and authentication processes further enhances the trust and security of the system and the services being offered to the public. An e-ID Number and password is sent to you by e-mail, whilst a PIN activation code is sent to the registered address by post. The Citizen remains in control of his/her personal data and can access this personal information being stored and processed by Government. [back]

Contact e-ID Registration Office

e-ID Registration Office
Identity Malta Agency
Gattard House - Electronic Identity Office
National Road
Blata l-Bajda, Malta

Contact e-ID Helpdesk

- send an email at -

An email may be sent at the email account above. One may consider to include his/her ID card number details.

- contact our Helpdesk - Tel 25904300
One may wish to call our Helpdesk
  • Mon to Friday 0800hrs - 1400hrs
  • Wed 0800hrs - 1400hrs 1500hrs-1800hrs
  • Sat 0800hrs - 1100hrs
- use the Ask a Question functionality in subscribedservices portal – preferred method
Selecting the above functionality, one may request for e-ID Helpdesk assistance or relate his issue directly to a Service Provider. An email is triggered accordingly.



What is a role in 

A role is the capacity in which you are using In many cases this is you in your own personal capacity and the services which you need will appear in the section called "My Services". The other roles you may have are tied to either a Delegated function (by another person) or to an Assigned function (by an Organisation by which you have been engaged). In both cases you are entrusted to use the e-Government services on the other Person's or Organisation's behalf. In these cases the names of these Persons or Organisations will appear on top of the "My Services" section on the left hand part of the screen, and the services which you may use on their behalf will appear just below. The Delegated and Assigned e-Government services will also appear under the appropriate category in the list of "My e-Government Services" in the "Manage e-Government Services" under "My Services". [back]


Why Should I Apply for an e-Government Service?

There is a large number of e-Government services available and allows you to select those that interest you and then personalise the portal according to your needs. In this way the services you use are not presented to you amid a long list of others which you may not need. In the case of some services, the Service Provider needs to make sure that you are authorised to use it (e.g. when a service is meant to be used only by medical doctors). In these cases the service is not provisioned immediately but will need an intervention from an authorised officer – we strive to grant you access in the shortest time possible [back]

How Long Does It Take to apply for an e-Government Service?

The application for an e-Government service takes little time to complete electronically as you follow a short step-by-step process. In many cases the service is then provisioned automatically and you may start to use it immediately. However, in the case of some services, the Service Provider needs to make sure that you are authorised to use it (e.g. when a service is meant to be used only by medical doctors). In these cases the service is not provisioned immediately but will need an intervention from an authorised officer – we strive to grant you access in the shortest time possible [back]

Service complaint procedure – e-ID Registration Office

If you are not satisfied with our service and think that we have failed to maintain our service delivery standards for these services and you want to lodge a complaint, you may write to us at the following address:

Identity Malta Agency
Gattard House - Electronic Identity Office
National Road
Blata l-Bajda, Malta
or sending an email at:

We will send you a full reply within five (5) working days of the receipt of your complaint. Where, due to the nature of the complaint it is not possible for us to forward a reply within these five (5) working days we shall inform you in writing of such a delay. [back]

Which browsers and operating systems are supported by subscribedservices?

The following browsers and operating systems are supported by subscribedservices:

  • Internet Explorer, tested up to version 11 on Windows OS up to version 10
  • Firefox, tested up to version 43
  • Google Chrome, tested up to version 48







What Services are available from the Service Providers?

The following services are currently available:

Accountancy Board

Regulator Of The Accountancy Profession

  • Annual Return for Accountants / Firms - Annual Return for Accountants / Firms

Building Regulation Office

A Web Portal Providing An E-Service To The Public For The Creation, Registration And For Checking The Validity Of Energy Performance Certificates Issued By Energy Assessors For Buildings And Heating And Cooling Systems Fixed In Buildings In Malta

  • Energy Performance of Building Certificate - A web portal providing an e-service to the public for the creation, registration and for checking the validity of Energy Performance Certificates issued by energy assessors for buildings and heating and cooling systems fixed in buildings in Malta

Commerce Department

Assisting Business And Facilitating Trade Whilst Providing The Necessary Infrastructure To Encourage The Securing, Utilisation And Respect Of Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Application to Register a Design - Apply for a design registration online
  • Application to Register a Trademark - Apply for a trademark registration online

Courts of Malta

Courts Of Malta

  • Courts eServices (Legal Professionals) - Online services to the legal profession for querying Court Case/Acts/Warrants information

Department Of Contracts

Downloading And Purchase Of Tender Documents Along With Additional Services To Potential Contractors.

  • Electronic Procurement - Participate in call for tenders, including online submission. By clicking on “Subscribe” you are agreeing to the Terms of Use as detailed in

Department of Examinations

The Department Is Responsible For The Administration Of Examinations For Induction Into The Public Service, Exams For The Issue Of Local Licences, Matsec And Foreign Boards.

  • Application for Student Maintenance Grants - An online application for students to apply for a one time grant and stipends
  • Breakfast Club Application - Breakfast Club Application
  • Examinations Applications - The service allows the application for examinations for induction into the Public Service, exams for the issue of Local Licences, MATSEC and foreign boards.

Directorate, Pharmacy Of Your Choice Scheme

This Service Is Available To Registered Pharmacists Only And Enables The E-Id Holder Access To Facilities Required To Provide The Pharmacy Of Your Choice (Poyc) Service To Members Of The Public Registered In The Poyc Scheme.

  • POYC Service Provider - This service is available to registered pharmacists only and enables the e-ID holder access to facilities required to provide the Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) service to members of the public registered in the POYC scheme.

Enemalta plc

Enemalta Generates And Distributes Electricity To The Maltese Islands As Well As Imports And Distributes Fuels And Liquid Petroleum Gas (Lpg)

  • Enemalta Notifications - Notifications of scheduled power suspensions

ERA and PA

Authority Responsible For Planning And Environment

  • PA - eApplications - This MEPA eApplications portal provides access to electronic documents and correspondence on applications, registrations and notifications as required by the Development Planning Act, the Environment Protection Act and the relevant subsidiary legislation.
  • PA - Regularisation - Online portal for submission of applications for regularisation

E-Vat Services

Vat Services On-Line

  • VAT - Declaration/Return/e-Recaps/EU VAT Refund - This service provides the facilities for an online submission of the VAT Return. The tool’s help will assist you to complete the return with ease.
  • VAT Personal eService - This service provides the facilities to check the VAT Statement for specific tax periods.

Free Child Care Application

Free Child Care Application

  • Free Child Care - Free Child Care

Freedom Of Information Co-Ordinating Unit

To Co-Ordinate And Implement Procedures Related To The Foi Act Throughout The Public Service

  • Freedom of Information (FOI) - To enable e-ID users to make FOI requests Online

Identity Malta Agency - Public Registry

Common Database Web Based System

  • Apply for Single Permit Online - Employers may now apply online for Third country nationals for a Single-work Permit while they are still abroad. Completing the application form and uploading the documentation requested is the first step in the process. Single permit applications are then assessed by a number of stakeholder, mainly by the Police Immigration Office and the Jobsplus. One may wish to refer to the Jobsplus guidelines so as to get a better understanding of the procedure regarding the authorization issued to TCN to work in Malta.
  • CDB Web - Common Database Web Based System
  • Pub Reg Searches - Pub Reg Searches

iLearn Parental Portal

Provision Of A Secure Login For Teachers,Students And Parents

  • iLearn Parental Portal - Provision of a Secure Login for Teachers, Students and Parents

Inland Revenue Department

Inland Revenue Department - Ir Services Online

  • Commissioner for Revenue - Income Tax Statement - Income Tax Statement
  • Commissioner for Revenue – Personal Tax Return - Online services provided by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) provides on line facilities to individual taxpayers to submit their Income Tax Return, view their Tax Statements, Income Tax Return Status and to make Income Tax Payments over the Internet.
  • Inland Revenue Services for Corporate Users - Online Services provided by the Inland Revenue provide different functionality to different target groups: (a) Enables Tax practitioners to, on behalf of their corporate clients to: o file Income Tax returns and Financial Statements, o submit Provisional Tax Reduction forms, o access their clients' accounts to confirm payments and tax statements, o access their clients' tax return submission status. (b) Enables Employers, who employ thirty (30) or more employees, to submit FSS end of year records electronically. (c) Enables Notaries to register the transfer of immovable property using the online DDT1 statutory form.
  • Inland Revenue Services for Notaries - Services for Notaries to submit tax documents online


Public Employment Service (Pes)

  • Jobsplus Website - -

Licensing And Testing Department

Licensing And Testing Department

  • Renewal of Driving Licences - This service provides the facility for on-line driving licence renewal for existing drivers and/or applying on-line for an International Driver’s Licence. Vehicle owners may also check the date of the next VRT test on their vehicle.
  • Vehicle Registration - The e-Registration system allows motor vehicle importers to register new vehicles; pay for the registration, pay road licensing dues and order number plates for a new vehicle.

Malta Industrial Parks

Rental Services

  • Malta Industrial Parks - eservice to allow NIP tenants to log in the portal, effect payments and view files

Malta Information Technology Agency

The Malta Information Technology Agency (Mita) Is The Central Driver Of Government'S Information And Communications Technology (Ict) Policy, Programmes And Initiatives In Malta.

  • Authorisation A for the Installation, Alteration, - Authorisation A for the Installation, Alteration, Extension and Certification of Single Phase Electrical Installations Application
  • authorisation B for the installation, alteration, - authorisation B for the installation, alteration, extension and certification of single phase electrical installations and three phase electrical installations rated up to 300Amps per phase.
  • Catering Establishment Licence Application - Catering Establishment Licence Application
  • eForms to file Government forms online - Website from where you find various forms used to obtain service from Government entities. eForms notifies you of progress made with your submittion.
  • EHIC Application - EHIC Application
  • Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School Application - Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School Application Form
  • Grant on the purchase of a musical instrument - Grant on the purchase of a musical instrument
  • Grant Paid on Expenses of Wedding - Application for Grant Paid on Expenses Connected with a Wedding Function
  • Host Family Licence Application - Host Family Licence Application
  • Injury Benefit Application - Injury Benefit Application
  • Invalidity Pension Application - Invalidity Pension Application
  • Marriage Grant - Marriage Grant
  • Maternity and Adoption Benefits Application - Maternity and Adoption Benefits Application
  • Maternity Leave Trust Claim Form - Maternity Leave Trust Claim Form
  • Organ Donation - Organ Donation
  • Police Conduct Certificate - Police Conduct Certificate
  • Retirement Pension Application - Retirement Pension Application
  • Seatbelt Exemption - Seatbelt Exemption
  • Widow's Pension Application - Widow's Pension Application


Free School Transport

  • application for free school transport - application for free school transport

Ministry For Family and Social Solidarity

Esocial Services

  • eSocial Services - Social Benefits - Public Interface

Ministry for Health

Ministry Responsible For Health Services

  • myHealth - The myHealth service provides direct access to health data to patients and their doctors


The National Archives Is The Government Entity Responsible For The Management Of Record Keeping And Archives Management In Malta. It Is Set Up By Virtue Of Act V, 2005.

  • National Archives - E-Shop - This service will make it possible for the general public to procure publications, digital images, and other related services from the National Archives of Malta. It will be possible to browse the photographic collection, order copies, and also order photocopies, or research services.

People and Standards Division

Hr Systems And Data Management Department

  • On-line Recruitment Portal - The On-line Recruitment Portal allows users to (a) submit and update a personal profile with his/her Curriculum Vitae (b) view all Circulars and Notices that relate to any job vacancies in the Public Service; and (c) apply for any job vacancies within the Public Service.

Public Registry

Public Registry

  • Certifikati tar-Registru Pubbliku - Through this service, the user may apply for a copy of the birth, marriage and death certificate.

The Charter Support Unit Is Responsible For The Introduction And Maintenance Of Quality Standards Across Public Service, And For Managing And Maintaining The Customer Care System.

  • - The Customer Care System is an electronic means by which customers can lodge complaints, request services and give suggestions to Central and Local Government. The System also provides full accountability and statistical data.

Small Businesses and Crafts Directorate

Promotes Maltese Crafts & Maltese Crafts Persons

  • Membership with the Crafts Portal - Membership with the Crafts Portal

Transport Malta

Small Ship Register

  • Small Ship Registry - Licenzji tal-bahar


What additional Services are available?

  • e-Client Care System
    Through this site one can submit questions, suggestions and complaints to public entities with regards to the services they offer.

  • Acquisition for Immovable Property
    Online services on the acquisition on immovable property in Malta by nonresidents

  • Pay Rent On-Line
    A convenient and secure way to pay rent bills for Government Property

  • Local Enforcement System
    Pay contraventions issued by Police Officers and Local Wardens on the internet.

  • Police on-line
    Online submission of reports to the police, tracking of progress of reports, submitting and requesting information related to the crime.

  • Justice Online Services
    The Ministry of Justice offers a number of inline services including:
    • Sentenzi online - A collection of the most important judgments since 1944
    • Civil Cases - Check the status, sitting dates, deferrals and all information related to any civil case proceedings in the Law Courts.
    • Online Laws of Malta - A daily updated repository of all the primary and secondary legislation.
    • Hall Usage - The Hall Usage service gives the facility to check which judiciary is operating in which hall, on any particular date.

  • The Malta Public Libraries online catalogue.
    Online Public Access Catalogue

  • MCAST online Applications
    MCAST offers courses both on part time and full time basis. Both applications can be submitted online through:
    • Part-time courses - Online application/enrolment for part time courses at the MCAST colleges. Registration includes the payment.
    • Full-time courses - Online application/enrolment for full time courses at the MCAST colleges.

  • Examinations Applications
    Students can apply and pay for their exams online.

  • ETC Online services
    The Employment and Training Corporation offers online services to both Employers and job seekers.
    • Employer services - This service enables registered employers to search for candidates online through their CV’s, submit a vacancy form, submit an engagement form, submit a termination form and order ETC certificates.
    • (b) Job Seeker services - This service offers a whole range of service including the search facility for jobs, submission on CV’s, online application for courses offered and job alerts through email and SMS.

  • Online Licensing Services
    Licensing services provide the following functionalities:
    • Licensing Activities - This service enables the citizen to access and download all the application forms required for the relevant licensing activities under each trading activity. Examples of which include; application to organise a commercial fair etc.
    • Application forms - This service gathers all application forms of the respective licensing authorities. These include Maritime Authority, Tourism Authority, Ministry for Urban Development and Roads and Trade licensing Unit.
    • Renewal - Online renewal of licenses issued by the Trade Licensing Unit, the Malta Tourism Authority and the Malta Transport Authority.

  • Data Protection
    A suite of services enabling the citizen to effect payment, check data controllers and obtain any information relating to data protection.

  • Registration of building tradesmen and contractors
    Building tradesmen and contractors can register for an official recognition as service providers.

  • MFSA Registry of Companies Online
    The ROC Online System allows electronic forms to be filed and signed electronically using a personal digital certificate. Functionality is currently available for Annual Returns, Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Form T and the Form K.
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